Our people are our greatest assets

Our professionals make us different — energetic in supporting but also challenging our clients to strive for the best, always. We’re passionate about making a measurable impact in everything we do. Our unique culture and approach deliver enduring results to each client’s specific situation.

CleverAdvice recognize the effort of each professional to show them that their hard work is valuable to the business. We strongly believe that making the individual feel they are making a difference is important.

Business Analyst

As Analyst you will leverage your strong analytical skills to carry-out data analysis and assist the team in developing clever and actionable insights. You will increase your ability to develop an understanding critical issues and teamwork interactions.

You will collect data/information on issues critical to the success of the project, assist more senior consultants in analyzing them and contribute to project documentation for internal or customer purposes. Your proactive contributions and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


As Consultant you will manage more important and complex aspects of the project. Your contribution will range from a few aspects to the entire project with quantitative analysis, development of innovative solutions, client communication and the opportunity to provide guidelines to support implementation of our recommendations.

Your effort will be focused to fully understand customer’s issues, suggest options and guidelines to support implementation.

Senior Consultant

As Senior Consultant you will assist in developing client recommendations as well as the business relationships.

You will work closely with clients to meet broad customer requirements, provide analytical expertise to the team and resolve issues beyond standard management requests using independent judgement in making decisions where no clear precedents exist.

Project Leader

As Project Leader you will manage a diverse suite of assignments and teams simultaneously and leverage on your broad business and management experience.

You will provide in-depth business knowledge on several fronts and make decisions requiring creative approaches and innovative perspectives. You will also bring specific analytical, business and management experience to the group and complete complex tasks accordingly.


As Director you will be the reference person for both the client and project leader. You will manage multiple projects. Depending on your skills and entrepreneurial behavior you will also have the opportunity to develop new business opportunities.

Directors assist teams in planning projects and regularly consult on complex problems requiring in-depth knowledge and advanced problem-solving skills. You will lead multiple teams and be responsible for the overall deliverables. Directors also work closely with the client’s senior executives to influence strategic outcomes consolidate relationships and develop business opportunities.


Partners represent CleverAdvice at the highest level, are responsible to strengthen client relationships at the executive level one and develop new business opportunities.

Partners work closely with client executives to provide project leadership and ensure engagement. Partners provide creative perspectives, develop clever insights, recommend innovative solutions that deliver tangible results, have a pivotal role for clients and consultants both as expert and guide on most topics and support professional teams throughout the most complex situations. Their contributions are critical.

Benefits & Rewards

We are eager to be the best: our environment is energetic and motivates everyone to achieve high. Our on-the-job mentoring initiatives provide in-depth knowledge fueled by hands-on experience.  We promote a collaborative environment that constantly facilitates teamwork and encourage individual development through constructive feedback.

We believe individuals should work effectively and efficiently. As such we promote an intellectually stimulating environment coupled with working hours that accommodate a balanced social life.

Impact on our clients

We care for our clients’ business as our business. We think and act like business partners, not academic advisors

We share our clients’ aspirations, work to understand their situation – no matter how complex – and align our motivations with their objectives — so they know we’re engaged in the project together

Open positions

CleverAdvice values Curriculum Vitae and collaboration proposals with brilliant individuals and professionals, companies and institutions that share the desire to create tangible results for clients through a blend of sophisticated professionalism, quality advisory, original and innovative ideas
We invite to forward your collaboration proposal and/or Curriculum Vitae: you will receive an answer on whether to investigate the issues presented