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APSP (Payment Service Providers Association) is non-profit organization aiming at supporting the development Payment Service Providers and their visibility. The Association also operates as intermediary between Payment service providers and regulation authorities


  • Benchmark payment products and services offered by major European Payment Service Providers
  • Provide a detailed overview European PSPs: Challenger Banks, e-money Institutions and Payment Facilitators


  • Benchmarked challenger banks and traditional banks business models
  • Compared the payment and the value-added services offered by the PSPs
    • Range of services offered
    • Relevance of each service
  • Compared pricing of basic and premium plans
  • Compared customer satisfaction level
  • Analyzed communication effectiveness including:
    • User friendliness
    • Clarity and comprehensiveness
    • Completeness and structure of FAQ
    • Interface and website layout
  • Analyzed and benchmarked onboarding processes:
    • Available channels (Web, app …)
    • Data and forms required
    • KYC procedures
    • Level of smoothness and intuitiveness of the process
    • Timing required for process completion and service activation
  • Benchmarked services offered by Payment Facilitators:
    • Functions and features
    • Benefits offered to customers
    • Target customers
  • Identified the key regulatory issues for the operation of the PSPs considered


  • Overview of the best performers for 1. Best value for money product and 2. Best product
  • Overview of the best practices in the service subscription process
  • Support strategic decision making (e.g. the introduction of new products / services, modification of existing offers, Re-positioning, …)