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Bandai Namco


BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe publishes and distributes video games and entertainment products in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific
The mission of the group is to offer “more fun for everyone”. The company continuously innovates to be a market leader


  • Breaking old patterns and stimulate out-of-the box thinking
  • Facilitating mindfulness and creative thinking


  • Defined content areas where to stimulate creative thinking such as innovation, creativity, brainstorming and storytelling
  • Selected relevant content that allowed the generation of genuine interest in participants
  • Developed training material related to the content developed, along with interactive workshops and business case analyses
  • Provided group training sessions to a group of 20 participants


Defined a set of insights, methods e tools aimed at:

  • Challenging existing practices, with the aim of increasing both efficiency and effectiveness of business processes
  • Better comprehend and manage innovation-related issues within the current competitive landscape
  • Managing brainstorming sessions effectively
  • Fostering application of creative thinking