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Carrefour Banca


Carrefour bank is the bank of the Carrefour group, whose mission is to enhance the customers of the Carrefour group through credit-related services and payment products. These services also aim to stimulate and facilitate purchases at Carrefour stores


Offer a range of payment cards to Carrefour clients in order to:

  • Increase customer loyalty of Carrefour customers
  • Extend the customer base of Carrefour Italy
  • Increase turnover of the Carrefour Italy


  • Analysed volumes and values of the consumer payment services –traditional and innovative – and identified relevant trends
  • Identified payment systems most likely to be appreciated by future customers and the services apt to increase adoption and profitability of Carrefour
  • Evaluated regulatory impacts on the business model
  • Defined features and positioning of payment products together with onboarding options
  • Defined the distribution channels along with the most effective marketing initiatives to launch them


  • Development of new payment cards, along with cardholder benefits to attract target customers and stimulate usage in & out-of-store aiming at increasing client’s profitability
  • Onboarding process that can be easily completed by different target customer clusters, along with actionable guidelines for a quick implementation
  • Quantitative tools useful that simulate profitability scenarios of new types of products and services and support launch-related decisions
  • Launch strategy to market effectively the defined payment products along with communication content and marketing plan for each channel