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e-GAP offers an on-demand charging service anywhere anytime for electric vehicles. The service is one-of-a-kind: a fleet of electric vans deliver electric charges at the vehicle premises, behaving as charging stations on the move


  • Provide strategic direction in developing a Europe-wide expansion of the service launched in Italy
  • Plan operations aimed at replicate the business model in the main European cities


  • Assessed key areas where to establish a physical presence aimed at serving the electric vehicles on their premises with a service on-demand
  • Approached municipalities to introduce the service and fine-tuning compliance to the local regulations
  • Identified potential large commercial clients, including airport parking lots, large shopping malls, parking lots at main metro and train stations and signed service agreements
  • Defined pricing structure to make service competitive with the specific market/city
  • Defined responsibilities within the company to execute operations and related timing
  • Identified partnerships with local players which offer complementary services aimed at exploiting synergies (i.e. roadside assistance‚Ķ)


  • Exported / replicated the business model implemented in Italy in the most promising European cities
  • Significant increase in turnover deriving from the offer of complementary services in various foreign countries
  • Diversified risk through business lines deriving from agreements with local operators (eg advertising on vehicle surfaces)