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Epiphany, software developer focused on Open Banking and Payments solutions


  • Provide strategic direction in developing a user-friendly mobile payment solution backed by instant payments
  • Support key IT personnel to reduce time to market


  • Assessed key needs of customers in a variety of circumstances when making physical shopping in store
  • Created business case to highlight benefits to all stakeholders and economic impacts
  • Defined in-app authentication experience aimed at maximizing conversion
  • Defined integration of payment and loyalty customer journeys
  • Develop a set of detailed flow diagrams (Swimlane diagrams) to support software developers
  • Coordinated players involved and facilitated the implementation phases
  • Assisted in the definition of a pilot to be demoed to issuer and large merchants


  • Definition of mobile payment solution that offer benefits end-user, issuer and merchant over-and-above those of payment cards and accommodate their needs
  • Business case to show economic benefits to players involved
  • Detailed flow diagrams to support software developers and IT role