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Green Arrow Capital


Green Arrow Capital is a Pan-European Investment Group, specialized in investments related to the green economy based in London

Green Arrow Capital is determined to establish a Mobile Electric Charging Operator aimed at re-charging electric vehicles on-demand at their premises so that drivers can get the charging they need delivered wherever they are at a convenient time, solving the problem of a shortage of charging outlets and relieve from range anxiety


  • Plan the launch of a Mobile Electric Charging Operator to provide an innovative, one-of-a-kind service aimed at offering electric recharges to electric vehicles in city centers on-demand via electric vans that carry large batteries, as charging outlets on the move


  • Structured hypotheses regarding the dynamics of the electric vehicle market, recharging infrastructures and related business models;
  • Identified information and datapoints necessary as input into the financial model and collected them through market research activities using multiple sources and through interactions with industry experts and electric vehicles users;
  • Structured a comprehensive and interactive financial model adequate to quantify the opportunities in each geography of interest – Italy, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, UK – and forecast their evolution;
  • Identified a range of economic values for the different markets through sensitivity analysis based on both macroeconomic factors and industry-specific parameters.


  • Structured a comprehensive and interactive financial model combined with a sensitivity analysis to structure and quantify business opportunities related to charging electric vehicles anywhere anytime
  • Create presentation material and investor kit to attract potential investors