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Nexi Payments is the leading Payment Service Provider in Italy. It offers issuing and acquiring of payment cards, Instant Payments and other payment services


  • Many acquirers in 2015-16 did not offer automated e-commerce agreement processes. It is often the corporate sales network that manages merchant agreements, in many cases through a paper-based and largely manual process. In other instances, the merchant needs to visit a bank branch. The process is always expensive for the acquirer and typically takes 4-6 weeks.


  • Design a new digital onboarding process aimed at onboarding small and medium size merchants


  • Nexi Payments engaged CleverAdvice in designing an entirely web-based on-boarding process, inexpensive for the acquirer and quick to complete for the merchant, aimed at attracting small and medium-sized companies.
  • Developed the business requirements necessary for IT developers to implement an end-to-end process including the customer journey and user experience
  • The merchant performs the process in a single, user-friendly online session that last approx. 15 minutes. The process may be stopped at any time and resumed in one or more subsequent sessions. In addition, the acquiring contract may be sold also to merchants that are not ready to sell online and that do not have a website or domain.
  • The merchant requires an extremely limited document set to offer a quick and simple process – in order to maximize conversion – fully compliant with KYC / AML regulations. The acquiring service is activated in 1-2 days due to KYC/AML requirements, but this may be reduced to less than 24 hours with instant payments.


  • The Web-Based On-Boarding process has been live since March 2017, has led to a very significant increase in affiliated merchants and continues do so (+200% YoY)