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Impact of implementing SCA on e-Commerce


October 22, 2019

Impact of implementing SCA on e-Commerce

What are the impacts of implementing Strong Customer Authentication on e-commerce?
A few leading European acquirers and large merchants retained CleverAdvice to publish a white paper aimed at asking theEuropean Banking Authority (EBA) to extend the implementation date of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) to allow PSPs and merchants to adapt their technical infrastructures, improve the user experience and launch external communication campaigns.

In addition, the extension was requested to avoid negative impacts on cross-border payments, high refusal of non-fraudulent, genuine payment transactions, increase in check-out abandonment rates, regulatory arbitrage among member states and other complexities.

The EBA agreed on several aspects presented in our peper and granted an extension on SCA implementation with the opinion of 21 June 2019.

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The CleverAdvice Team


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