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Commercial cards opportunities training

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The training describes the opportunities associated with commercial cards in terms of revenue generation for the issuer and the consolidation of the relationship with business and Commercial customers. It clearly illustrates why commercial cards are more profitable than consumer cards. Techniques to stimulate issuance and usage, create a distinctive offer and improve the user experience are addressed, with particular reference to digital channels. The last part is dedicated to sales techniques and how to deal with customer objections when selling commercial cards.


The Commercial Card Opportunities training covers the following topics:
Payment cards: Consumer vs Commercial:

• Target clientele and usage patterns
• Distinctive features Impact of the Interchange Fee Regulation (IFR):
• How IFR impacts different product types
• Rationale for the IFR

Profitability of payment cards: Consumer vs. Commercial
• Elements impacting profitability of payment cards
• Why the profitability of Commercial cards is higher than that of consumer cards Techniques to increase Commercial card issuance
• How the issuer can increase the penetration of Commercial cards among non-cardholder customers
• How to issue additional cards to cardholders Issuing commercial cards to specific consumer cardholdersbr />
• Opportunity to migrate consumer cards to Commercial cards and increase portfolio profitability
• How to differentiate and evolve the Commercial card offering
• Drivers to make a distinctive Commercial card offering
• Evolving the offer dynamically to attract new customers and retain existing ones

User experience
• Interaction with Commercial cards as a driver to stimulate their use
• Case studies: user experience of owner and business functions
Selling Commercial cards
• The most appropriate sales channels for Commercial cards for different customer clusters
• The benefits of Commercial cards vs. traditional payment methods and how to highlight them to the customer
• Dealing with customer objections when selling commercial cards

Training on Commercial Cards Opportunities Milan

1 day training


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