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Design Thinking training

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The Design Thinking training covers a range of techniques that identify the most effective solutions to a problem.
In particular, we will understand the principles on which the Design Thinking methodology is based and its applications in organizations, how to use the tools to apply Design Thinking in different circumstances, Best Practices and how to replicate them in your own business context.
The Design Thinking training blends theory and practice and includes case studies to illustrate the most relevant drivers of success.


Design Thinking is an effective methodology to innovate and solve problems in an "agile" way, increasingly used to identify innovative solutions and in business transformation processes.
The Design Thinking methodology is inspired by the designer's approach and is based on customer-centric thinking, through a mix of observation and empathy.
Products and services created following a methodology based on Design Thinking are more successful because they fall in line with the deeper needs and desires of customers.
The training course aims to:
• Understanding the principles underlying Design Thinking and its applications in organizations
• Use the tools to apply Design Thinking in multiple business contexts and to facilitate the contribution of all team members
• Illustrate Best Practices and provide guidance on how to replicate them in your own context.

Design Thinking training in Milan

1 day training


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