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Obligations and responsibilities in the payments ecosystem

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The training starts with a systematic overview of banking transparency regulations and identifies the relevant issues, innovations and the necessary organizational, operational and relational adjustments that financial intermediaries must make when approaching their clients, as well as the methodologies for managing and monitoring transparency risks. A specific part is dedicated to the governance and control of banking products, transparency in payment services (PSD II), the remuneration system and relevant decisions of the Arbitro Bancario Finanziario of the Bank of Italy intended to guide the behavior of intermediaries and provide useful elements for assessing the legitimacy and correctness of corporate operating practices.


The following topics are covered:

• Obligations and responsibilities of the parties in relation to the issuance and use of payment instruments
• Liability of parties for unauthorized use of payment instruments
• Liability of payment service providers in relation to the execution of a payment transaction
• Right of rectification exercisable by the customer for unauthorized or incorrect transactions
• Right of reimbursement for payment transactions initiated by the beneficiary
• Execution of a payment transaction: receipt and rejection of payment orders - amounts transferred and amounts received
• Execution time and value date
• Unique identifier

Training: Obligations and responsibilities in the payments ecosystem Milan

1 day training


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