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Project Management Training

 399,00 IVA esclusa/excl. VAT

The Project Management training provides knowledge and practical tools for planning project
activities and achieving objectives to enable participants to be able to manage complex projects successfully and professionally.
Structured planning methodologies, change and risk management, proper management of resources and stakeholder expectations are analyzed, as well as learning to juggle several projects Project Management Trainingsimultaneously.


During the project management training sessions, several project management topics will be covered, including:

• Tools and techniques for project definition, planning, implementation and monitoring for multiple scopes or applications
• Techniques useful to plan project activities, including resource allocation and monitoring the progress of activities also through the use of specific tools such as Microsoft Project
• Identifying the most appropriate tool for understanding an issue, weighing up a decision, analyzing and evaluating a problem or potential opportunity
• Managing the different phases of a project's life cycle
• Techniques for optimizing and efficiently allocating available resources
• Project reporting tools and practical guidance on setting progress reports

Project Management training Milan

3-day training


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