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Training on how to authorize payments online and in e-commerce

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The training is a deep dive on the complexities related to the procedures used to authenticate online transactions increasingly relevant in e-commerce. Relevant aspects of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) – mandatory as of September 2019 to authenticate payments – related processes and exemption circumstances are discussed in detail. Successful cases are addressed, both for cards and other payment instruments. In addition useful tips to minimize abandonment at checkout and increase purchases (conversions) are provided.


The training on authorizing online payments and in e-commerce will cover topics including:

Authorize online payments

• Main risks
• Authentication methodologies – the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
• What is the SCA and why was it introduced?
• How the SCA User experience works of payment cards
• How the customer experience changes with the SCA
• Enabling factors vs. non-compliant factors
• Actors involved, roles and responsibilities
• Effects on payment service providers
• Effects on Third Party Providers (TPPs)

• How to manage exemptions effectively
• Abandonment at checkout
• Techniques to increase conversion at checkout (e commerce)
• Applying the SCA to different payment methods
• How the 3D Secure protocol changes with the SCA

Can shopkeepers play an active role in the SCA?
• Interpretation of Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS)
• Opportunities for operators to manage the SCA

Training on how to authorise payments online and in e-commerce Milan

1 day training


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