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E-GAP offers an on-demand electric vehicle charging service at the vehicle’s premises.
The service is one of a kind: a fleet of electric vans delivers charging services to the vehicle. Each van is effectively a mobile charging station. This is a new business model, where the charging station reaches the vehicle, not the other way around.

 Current situation

Finding a charging stations when needed is difficult in today’s context: the charging infrastructure is not pervasive and charging stations are often engaged when another driver needs to charge its vehicle’s battery. An on-demand service that provides charging at the vehicle premises would nicely solve this problem.

What have we done?

For a private equity fund, we developed a new business model and business plan related to a charging service of electric vehicle on-the-move and supported the creation of e-GAP, a company that provides on-demand charging anywhere/ anytime.

The Recharging process at a glance


The driver books the recharging service via App from his smartphone/tablet or online.
The van locates the vehicle where the charging service needs to be delivered via the geolocation of the driver mobile device: he does not need to enter his location/ address.


The van reaches the vehicle to be recharged and delivers the recharging service.
The process ends when the battery is 70-80% charged to maximize charging efficiency (energy delivered per unit of time), while minimizing charging time.
The driver may track via smartphone the delivery of charging in real time.


Once the recharging is completed the customer is charged for the energy provided.
In addition, a fee is charged based on the urgency with which the recharge was requested.


The on-demand charging service for electric vehicles is available since 2018 in Milan and Rome, and will be extended to nine European cities, including Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Stuttgart and London
The service can be booked from the official EnelX app “JuicePass”. e-GAP partners with major car manufacturers including Stellantis and PSA groups, Land Rover, Volkswagen and Smart… that offer discounts on the service for owners of electric vehicles such as the 500e.


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