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CleverAdvice provides actionable recommendations in accelerating sales, shortening time-to-market and creating a bridge between management and investors

Advisory services addresed to SMEs

Advisory services addressed to SME

Advisory services addressed to SMEs


Proposition Development

A set of activities aimed at developing a value proposition that meets target customer needs and is positioned effectively with respect to competitors’ propositions


Regulatory environment

Regulatory environment


Due Diligence & Valuation

A business due diligence is an analysis of opportunities and financial risks of a company in target for an investment, merger or takeover. Our experts challenge underlying hypothesis, sustainable revenue and cash flow, evaluate balance sheet and check feasibility of business model and management plan


Outsourcing Skills & Training

Outsourcing skills is an opportunity to outsource key capabilities critical to run a business successfully without the burden of high fixed costs.


Market Research & Insights

Market insights are fresh perspectives drawn from analysis of quantitative and qualitative information and customer feedback

Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication

Marketing communication activities stand at the core a company’s marketing efforts. They include all messages and media deployed to communicate customers and prospects.


Business Planning

Business planning activities involve the creation of quantitative tools that describes the behavior of a business and its distinctive characteristics


Project management

Project management support is professional guidance at coordinating complex projects, organizational and methodological support in the implementation