Advisory services addressed to SME (Small & Medium Enterprises)

Advisory services addresed to SMEs
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Growth ensures a company’s future and it is a must to be successful nowadays. For small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), growth is more critical than for large corporates. It requires a profound ability in interpreting both market dynamics and competitor options.

Through Growth services CleverAdvice professionals bring proved ability to provide a vision of the competition through a range of activities including mistery shopping, analysis of the competitive dynamics on multiple geographies and interpret them in order to suggest the right way forward aimed at increasing competitiveness


Identifying and enhancing opportunities abroad – via cross-border business development activities – improves the performance of a Small and Medium sized Enterprise and protects against contractions in the domestic market.

Through cross-border business development services CleverAdvice professionals evaluate market demand in the geographies of interest, identify the positioning of local players and unfilled areas of opportunity, scout retailers / distributors and provide guidance based on local regulations and procedures


The generational change is a critical moment for every family business – 70% do not survive the founder and only 13% reach the third generation. Surviving after a generational change is even harder for companies operating in rapidly-evolving industries.

Our support is aimed at overcoming critical aspects of a Small and Medium size Enterprise’ succession – balancing business, family and ownership, governance, the ability to truly reward skills, provide a set of shared rules, preparation for unforeseen events, business processes, evaluate if/when involve third parties – to achieve a successful succession and ensure the continuity of the business


Exploit opportunities in evolving markets often involves innovating the business model and / or reorganizing key functions and processes aimed at relaunching business activities of a Small and Medium size Enterprise.

Through our Reorganization and Relaunch services CleverAdvice prioritizes market opportunities and assess the need to reorganize business processes in order to enable a Small and Medium size Enterprise to benefit from the opportunities identified, otherwise foregone.

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