Business Planning



Business planning activities involve the creation of quantitative tools that describes the behavior of a business and its distinctive characteristics

In particular, a business plan maps financial and operating elements of a business and analyzes how it reacts to different economic and market scenarios


A structured business plan that describes the characteristics of a business is a must to successfully plan and manage on-going activities. In particular it is useful to communicate the sustainability of the business to potential investors and partners


Business planning allows to show the business to investors and partners and communicate its performance

A comprehensive plan allows to efficiently allocate resources, effectively prioritize actions and execute them in a timely manner.

In addition, it enables to track business performance with evolving scenarios

A management plan enables to pro-actively steer a business as events unfold rather than merely reacting to them

Our business planning engagements have met set sales targets in 81% of cases, and boosted sales

Models and analysis carried out have led to lower operational costs up to 57%.

The guidelines suggested in approaching customers have led to increase customer satisfaction by 45%.

Clients who have already benefit from Business planning