Marketing & Communication

Marketing & Communication


Marketing communication activities stand at the core a company’s marketing efforts, are critical in actions aimed at increasing visibility and affect how the company is perceived. They include all messages and media deployed to communicate customers and prospects.

Includes advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, online presence, printed materials, PR, sales presentations, sponsorships and trade shows

Our professionals are qualified in creating marketing content and produce online and printed material to effectively trigger customer interest in products or services


Marketing communication initiatives are needed to create preference for a specific product/ service, build demand and brand awareness.

In particular marketing communication services are needed to:

  • Develop marketing messages to address effectively specific customer segments
  • Create content-based material aimed at promoting products/services (newsletters, white papers, blogs)
  • Create marketing plans
  • Support roll-outs, conduct workshops and organize promotional events

Create toolkits to support sales personnel


The core benefit of marketing communication initiatives is boosting sales. They are effective both in promoting existing product offerings and when deployed jointly with a new value proposition

Marketing communication initiatives provide both strategic direction – via marketing plans – and operational – from communication messages to specific roll-out support

Marketing initiatives – including creation of relational database of customers and prospects, preparation of newsletters and web-related content – have increased sales revenue of 16% on average.

The promotional material created to inform customers on benefits of e-payment solutions resulted in reactivations over 20%.

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