Outsourcing Skills & Training



Outsourcing skills is an opportunity to outsource capabilities critical to run a business successfully without the burden of high fixed costs.

Our experienced practitioners provide a number of services needed to small and medium sized enterprises only when needed, resulting in receiving higher quality services at a fraction of the cost of an employee. In addition, it brings flexibility as type/ quantity of services can be re-negotiated anytime and improves cash-flow.

The expertise of our senior professionals may also be channeled in creating tailored training sessions and deliver them to your personnel


Good performance of small and medium sized enterprises is fueled not just by core tasks but also non-core activities.

SMEs tend to underinvest in non-core activities with often poor-quality in return. Instead high-quality services drive business performance upward.

Companies should outsource skills when they feel a need for higher quality services and improved cash-flow. As such an increasing number of companies opt to outsource skills in areas including:

  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Business planning

Our training sessions may be tailored to meet specific needs related to hard skills – marketing, finance…– and soft skills – techniques to stimulate and apply creativity, innovation, lateral thinking


Benefits that companies enjoy from outsourcing skills range from top-quality services with an opportunity to reduce cost to a flexible business model which result in improved cash-flow

Tailored training to employees brings a number of benefits from increasing expertise, creating a team culture and boost creativity which stimulate continuous improvement ultimately resulting in improved performance

Clients who have already benefit from Outsourcing Skills & Training