Regulatory environment



Analysis of regulations and trends in regulatory shifts, their business impacts coupled with how different businesses react to them aimed at generating business insights

Creation of reports/white papers to provide insights on the impact of selected regulatory topics

Lobbing activities with a variety of regulatory bodies across Europe

Counsel as well as binding legal advice through partner law firms


Insights backed by regulatory intelligence is useful in sizing the impact of specific regulatory shifts and to spot new business opportunities

Analysis of regulations from a business angle proves useful in assessing business compliance and plan actions accordingly

Independent content-based material – such as report/white papers – is very effective in drawing attention of target customers toward selected topics

Lobbing activities are particularly useful when trying to massage the decision makers toward specific directions


The analysis carried out on national regulations and on European directives have reduced the risks of compliance of companies, banks, payment institutions and electronic money institutions.

Our analysis of the Payment Services Directives – PSD & PSD2 – and the characteristics of each SEPA country has provided an international bank information necessary to recommend new business opportunities and position payment product and services to improve profitability

Clients who have already benefit from regulatory environment