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Starting collaboration with Wallester AS


Gennaio 19, 2022

CleverAdvice is proud to announce a partnership with Wallester AS, a licensed Estonian company, White-Label VISA cards issuer and VISA Principal Member.

Companies and financial institutions looking to issue their own payment products can now easily access the full set of skills of CleverAdvice professionals in structuring digital payment solutions geared to offer payment products tailored with the needs and preferences of their business and/or consumer customers. In addition, CleverAdvice may support these companies in defining their product positioning, user-friendly onboarding process, go-to-market strategy and with regulatory matters.

Wallester development in card issuance and payment processing proved to be excellent. They enable European companies to issue their own branded cards based on a White-Label model and use mobile apps to facilitates payments. A high-potential product of this Estonian fintech company is Wallester Black program, in high demand from businesses, in particular among medium-sized and larger companies. All Wallester cards may be associated to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payment systems. The company offers an advanced CRM-system to clients to process user data in real time, analyze statistics, and evaluate risks.

Fintech solutions provided by Wallester meet modern business needs and we’re confident that our partnership will foster the development of cutting-edge and tailored payment products and services

Learn more about Wallester products and services, visit the official corporate website.

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