CleverAdvice is a highly focused independent management advisory firm


CleverAdvice is an independent management advisory firm established in 2001.
We provide strategic direction and business insights based on analysis of evolving markets, competitive dynamics, changing technologies and regulatory shifts. Our advice is truly independent as we do not engage in selling third party services, hardware, software or products.

CleverAdvice brings together a team of experts in strategy, market analysis and research, technology and regulatory issues with ability to provide a comprehensive support through innovative, effective and actionable recommendations.
The expertise of our professionals combined with true passion, dedication and attention to details make our services unique.


CleverAdvice is established CleverAdvice was established in 2001 in Milan
March 2001
San Siro Stadium CleverAdvice was chosen among a number of experts to develop a world-class access control system for the largest Italian stadium. In addition, we developed a breakthrough turnstile solution (patented) with variable in & out angles to ensure higher safety
March 2003
Contactless Payments CleverAdvice provides professional support to mastercard in developing a contactless payment strategy and deploying pilots
October 2006
VEDP CleverAdvice becomes an official advisor of the Virgina Economic Development Partnership (VEDP) in supporting Virgina-based companies in expanding their business in Italy and Europe
May 2007
EPCA CleverAdvice becomes member of the European Payments Consulting Association (EPCA), pan-European association of advisory services firms registered as an official European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG)
January 2008
VISA Partner Consultant CleverAdvice becomes a Visa official Partner consultant to provide advisory services related to card payments
March 2008
Fondazione ISI, CamCom Pisa CleverAdvice is selected as an official partner of Innovazione Sviluppo Imprenditoriale (ISI) of Pisa Chamber of Commerce to assess equity investments in innovative companies
January 2009
Commercial Cards Intesa Sanpaolo CleverAdvice structured the entire commercial card offering for the SMEs of Intesa Sanpaolo and recommended go-to-market initiatives
September 2010
Corporate Prepaid proposition CleverAdvice structured a full-range commercial prepaid offering addressed to large corporates for Visa Europe along with external communication actions
February 2014
Active contributor to PSD2 CleverAdvice influenced the Regulatory Technical Standards on Strong Customer Authentication and Common and Secure Communication on appropriate exemption rules based on fraud rate and transaction value
October 2016
Italian Institute of Technology CleverAdvice becomes an official advisor of the Italian Institute of Technology
July 2018

Why choose us



We do not sell third party services, hardware, software or products; as such we focus exclusively on providing truly independent actionable contributions aimed at improving your business



We deeply involve our clients in all projects activities as their view will make our contributions fit nicely into the organization and ensure they are immediately actionable



Our extended network of companies and professionals allows to suggest the right partners in most occasions. As member of European Payments Consulting Association (EPCA) we are able to lead European-wide engagements in in the payments space

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Shape the experience of future users. We help in fine-tuning features and business model aimed at proving your concept, maximizing customer adoption and triggering interest of investors

What makes CleverAdvice unique



We have grown significantly since inception but still retain our agile culture. Our ability to meet client’s needs in a constantly changing environment is highly appreciated and makes our organization one-of-a-kindng environment is highly appreciated and makes our organization one-of-a-kind



Our intellectually stimulating and collaborative environment ensures our professionals truly enjoy their work and strive for perfection in what they do



We appreciate that delivering great results requires the right amount of time and resources. As such we serve a limited number of clients any one time with the right mix of seniorities



We know that 100 juniors aren’t worth a senior; experience can’t be made-up. Our senior professionals are deeply involved in all projects; a major difference with most advisory firms where juniors carry-out most activities



We use no salesmen: Who writes your proposal will be also fully involved in carrying-out the project and delivering the results

Let us know your needs and we’ll help you accordingly